Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

Far Cry 3: Blood DragonI’ve come to the conclusion that insanity is a key part to making a successful video game. Now I don’t just mean the type of insanity that was given to us in Far Cry 3, but more of the ‘balls to the wall action’ insanity that Blood Dragon offers. I’m not talking about the odd little thing that throws you out of the comfort zone and into the world of insanity but rather, a whole world of insanity that is filled with pure awesome at every turn. How you ask? Simple, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon.

First seen as a possible April Fools joke the news leading up to the official announcement of Blood Dragon was filled with some rather ‘different’ ideas. Huge dragons that fire lasers from their eyes. Neon painted interior design within an 80’s styled setting. Chrome sharks with glowing eyes and even a few extras to take it further. Still not sure about Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon just from that? Well then let’s take a look deeper shall we?

Far Cry 3: Blood DragonSet in the ‘future’ in the year 2007, Blood Dragon puts you in control of Sergeant Rex Power Colt, voiced by Michael Biehn, and sees you in a post-nuclear war earth. Set to deal with a rogue cyber army and deal with a Colonel Sloan. In true 80’s style though it’s a case of “get the girl, kill the bad guys, and save the world” and this isn’t a bad thing. What Blood Dragon gives you is an open world, much like Far Cry 3, though on a smaller scale but still filled with more then enough to do. See, Blood Dragon is a standalone game meaning you don’t need Far Cry 3 to play. As a matter of fact, it’s kind of odd why Far Cry 3 is even in the title. Still in Far Cry 3 style everything you need is here. Open world, bad guys, insane ways to kill and much more.

Visually Blood Dragon keeps up the high standard that we have come to love with the Far Cry games and adds a lot more to the mix. From the colour correction to the mixture of old with new. Everything fits perfectly and with next to no errors. You will honestly find yourself getting lost in the world and really getting down with the 80’s feel. This is helped by some stunning audio design and soundtrack to support the madness you create throughout the island. What to listen to some sick music as you fire four shotgun shells into some bad guys and oh yeah, also set them on fire? Go for it. Use a neon bow and arrow and get a satisfying kill sound? It’s here. Lastly the final touch is the use of pixel cutscenes to really help set the mood. From watching Rex use his American ways to win over the girls, to adjusting his junk. Additionally, nothing beats a good old fashion pixel sex scene. No, really. They went there and it’s hilarious.

Far Cry 3: Blood DragonTalking about weapons may I just say that we need more of the ones that Blood Dragon gives you. From the standard, yet badass, handgun to the over powerful, literal extension of Rex’s penis that is the minigun it’s all here. Unlike other games however everything has a serious case of ‘badass’ added to it. Laser rounds, high power scopes, sights, quicker firing, exploding rounds and much more you have plenty of ways to kill. Plus it’s the small details like Rex letting out a powerful roar when firing the minigun that really gives you that badass feel. Speaking of which may I just take a moment to take my hat off to Michael Biehn for a prefect vocal performance. Never have I loved a characters voice and cliché yet entraining dialog before.

As you’ve more then likely worked out by now Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is just an outstanding achievement in entrainment. Never before has something so insane and different made me have such an enjoyable experience. The only fault I can find with this game is that it wasn’t longer. Completing everything on the normal difficulty will take about four hours. More if you collect all the extras. That said I highly recommend you take the time early on to fully upgrade your weapons as it makes the later game so much more fun.

I honestly can’t express just how epic Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is any more without giving away some of the best moments. Take my word on this one and pick yourself up a copy. You won’t regret it.

For an example of exactly what I mean check out our Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon playthrough on our YouTube channel!

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fuck yeah


I have never played it, I don’t think I’d find it enjoyable though – sounded fun, but nothing I could be bothered with myself…