GameDevTycoonGreenheart Games, the developers behind Game Dev Tycoon made it into the new this week due to many players pirating their new game, so they decided to make a modified version of the game available on torrent sites. This version is set to self-destruct after a few hours.

Now don’t panic, your computer isn’t going to go bang. Rather the game it’s self will make sure you lose. A few hours into the game a message pops up to let the player know that the virtual studio has been hit by an influx in piracy. From here it’s only a matter of time till the bank balance is eaten away and the game ends with a bankrupt company.

A rather nice way of giving the those a taste of their own work. However in a blog post, Daniel Klug one of the develops talks about the issues. He goes on to reveal that 93.6% of the active copies of the game are in fact pirated. So much so that he is yet to draw a salary from the game.

What makes this worse is that some of the players who downloaded the bum torrent had the cheek to take to forums and complain about their progress being plagued by piracy..

Avaiable for only $8 you would hope that people would learn their lesson and would part with the money. Maybe if they see the torrent as a ‘demo’ of sorts?

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