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PlayStation AppThanks to a leaked photo on Reddit from the user eGORapTure we now know that as of June 1st 2013 GameStop will no longer accept PS2 trade-ins, if you have a console, accessories or games lying around unused now is the time to lighten the load.

Joystiq managed to contact multiple stores and many confirmed the new policy is set to take effect on June 1st, this is yet to be confirmed by the bigwigs in charge over at Gamestop HQ, maybe because they don’t want to see their pre-owned section full to the brim with PS2 systems.

The news hardly comes as a surprise when after 13 years in action and over 150 million units sold worldwide the production of PS2 consoles came to an end in December 2012 when Sony saw the last shipment go out the door in Japan.

A GameStop employee told Polygon that stores would still still PS2 stock after the trade-in period has ended.



GameStop has released a statement to confirm the end of PS2 trade-ins –

“We can confirm that as of June 1st we will no longer be accepting the PS2 console or its related product for trades. We know that the 12 year old system is a popular one and for many gamers, GameStop is the only place to find a great selection of its games. We will still offer a wide selection of the PS2 hardware, accessories and games in many of our stores and online for several months, based on remaining stock from trades. We are very excited about the upcoming PS4 and are making room in our stores for it and other new platforms expected this fall.”

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