Deadpool brief history imageThe Merc with a mouth is making a special appearance at the London MCM expo this weekend.

Attendants of the Expo will receive a world exclusive preview of the game which can be described as being ‘hands on’. Also on offer is the work of a Marvel artist who has created a poster specially for the event.

Photo opportunities for fans of the game include a life size poster and on the 25th of May at 2pm in front of the Excel Centre. As well, attendants will be offered Deadpool masks to take part in what hopes to be the biggest Deadpool photo shoot ever.

The game is set to be released on the 28th of June and is available on the Xbox 360, PS3 and Steam.

The game follows the adventures of freelance mercenary Deadpool who posses the ability to heal similar to that of X-man Wolverine. The character can be considered ‘insane’ as he constantly address the audience and is aware of his fictional existence, constantly breaking the fourth wall.

Early artwork sees the character rolling down a hill whilst in side the head of a mutant hunting robot which is known as Sentential head among various bizarre stunts.

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