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google ioGoogleGoogle I/O is well under way and way before any announcement was officially made the first huge bit of news was announced and that was that Android device activations have reached 900 million as of 2013 and around 48 Billion apps have been installed across different Android devices.

Some would say that 900 million activations is impressive but apparently that’s not good enough. According to Google 900 million activations compared to the 7 billion people in the world today just isn’t where they want to be. Google say that they’d ideally like to achieve more than 10% of the population in the near future. I’m no math expert but I believe that that’s 700,000,000 Android activations right?

Some Play Store stats were released too, and just to put things into perspective Apple announced that they were coming up to 50 billion app downloads pretty soon, that’s coming from an app store that’s been around a fair few years longer than the Android Marketplace/Google Play Store. Well as of today Google has achieved 48 billion app installs with 2.5 billion of that happening within the past few months – incredible!

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