GoogleIO-hangouts-stream-photo-480x275Following on from a few rumours that Google were going to be releasing a unified chat platform have today been confirmed. Set to be release as the new Hangouts complete with a new Hangout app to support it.

The service will put Android, Chrome, Gmail and iOS all on the same platform and will focus on the conversation. This means that no matter what device you are using you’ll find the same notifications, smiley faces and much more. Group video is now a big thing now and group chats will have a feature to show who has seen read up to where, and who is currently typing.

The new Hangout will allow you to share everything, between various different platforms including text chat, video calling/messaging, and photo’s. It’s about time that we’ve got a unified chat system that allows it all!

The new features will be available today along with the Android and iOS apps. Gmail users will need to click the ‘try it now’ button and Chrome, you’ll need an extension.

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