Google-Plus-LogoFresh out of Google I/O the latest for Google+ is that it’s going to be getting a much need visual make over in both the user interface and a brand new feature which intelligently and automatically hashtag’s your Google+ post.

Google announced yesterday that the social network will be getting a new ‘card’ based column design, similar to that of a feed reader. This will work across any screen size and support up to three columns – not to worry though because if you prefer the single column design, that’s available too. The new UI will be constructed of individual cards which house all the content from updates, photos and more. Not only that but Google+ will also now intelligently learn what the content of each post is and add ‘auto hashtags’. This is said to make searching and organizing a lot easier.

How does the auto hashtags work? It’s very simple, if you’re posting updates on your favourite football team, it’ll add #yourteamname along the edge of the post. If you happen to also mention a player, it’ll notice that, and tag that too. What makes the auto hashtag feature awesome though is that thanks to Google’s photo and landmark recognition feature if you were to post a picture of yourself with the Eiffel Tower in the background it’ll automatically add the Eifell Tower hashtag even if you don’t mention Paris, France, or the Eiffel Tower in your post. It’s that intelligent!

If you want too explore these further you can check out the helpful little videos that Google has released below.

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