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Google Games looks exciting. Achievements, multi-player capability, leader boards, cloud saved games, the whole shezam will all soon be emerging into the daylight of a brand new dawn (on your Android device anyway) in the near future.

Ahead of Google I/O next week, the company has seen fit to leak the service, which is made capable via the new  update to Google Play Services, V3.1.36, which is slowly rolling out to their users as we type. When we consider that most users are currently using V3.0.27. 3.1, it becomes clear just what a massive leap this update represents.

Play games logoWhilst this writer’s Galaxy is (utterly depressingly) yet to receive the update, we can let you know an exciting thing or two. We know that all identity work is going to be done via Google plus, a welcome reason to start using it again, and that Google Play Services is going to come with, what we call in the business, absolutely chuffing loads of gaming activities. It’s going to be a veritable feast of pocket sized Gamegasm.


Leader boards, Achievements and Fragging your Friends Galore.

Obviously when I was a child I didn’t get enough approval from my parents, because these days I absolutely need to see a leader board when I play anything, just to make sure I’m top of the pile.

Leader board
The numbered circles will, funnily enough, let you know just how you’ve done at the end of a game and can be based on a time frame (this week, this month, this year) or by player, so that you can see where you stack up. You can also see how you’re doing compared to your friends on Google Plus, showing what percentile of players you’re in. Google is doing everything it can to make this Google Plus related, we assume to prod us gently back into the direction of their social network.
Achievement unlocked
The service will also feature Xbox style achievements, as seen via their ‘Achievements unlocked’ pop-up. As per usual, the service will feature your standard ‘Blown away five hundred faceless bad guys’ achievements, as well as the secret achievements which we’ve come to expect.

As far as matchmaking goes, Play Games reportedly has some kind of auto-match service, where we can only assume you’ll be matched up against a player of equal standing, in a lobby of some sorts. There’s a chat function and players can leave, enter, or invite other players to rooms, at will, though there’s bound to be a limited number of slots per lobby.

Best of all is the knowledge that cloud saved games are a definite – for exact details we’re most likely going to have to wait until Google I/O next week, an event which, to this geek at least, is starting to feel a little bit like Android Nerd Christmas

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