When a game says it’s going to ‘test your tolerance for pain’ it should also include a warning about driving your patience into a wall as well.

I’ll be honest in saying I’m not the most relaxed of gamers, I am a busy person. However when I sit to play a game I make sure to have the time and that I did for Gravi. I’ll also say that I do like a nice challenge from time to time. Gravi, is just that. A puzzle-platformer with some rather unique gameplay that has you manipulating gravity as you swing around levels trying to avoid all sorts of hazards.

Developed by Hashbang games, this indie team have created a game that offers a different style of puzzle solving. Some would say that the whole gravity manipulating elements are nothing new, I would say that the method Gravi uses to pull them off is something new. It even goes as far as to fit into the visual style of the games world and sits comfortably as the games focus point. Though at the same time this is where Gravi quickly starts to send you into a downward spiral of rage as you learn just how much of a ‘test’ it will be.

Gravi 2

It’s clear that Gravi has been designed on the idea that the game should be challenging and that the ‘tolerance for pain’ is a key point. This works well, with each level pushing you further then the last and testing your thinking and reflex speed. Even when you beat a level you truly do feel a sense of reward. This is where Gravi raises high. At the same time however, it gets to a point where the game just becomes something of a cynical creation as it tryies to break you. Differentially quickly ramps up and a buggy control system doesn’t help at all. Also, why, why, why are there ‘boss battles’?

Both through visuals and sounds the game is enjoyable. It’s easy on the eye and a good listen. From fire effects to the sound of the traps raising from the ground it’s a living world that feels and looks good. As I said however, the controls are the downfall, and rather largely so for Gravi. As a keyboard and mouse set up you would hope it would be simple but sadly it’s not. From random moments that happen even when you don’t give input, too completely the opposite of what you wanted to happen. There are times as well when the game just feels like its disregarding gravity all together. Why? I don’t know.

In all however I can say much more on Gravi. I enjoyed it, I did and I’m still picking it up now and again to see if I can do better. It just drives you somewhat insane as your patience, and not just tolerance for pain will be tested. I would suggest picking Gravi up but take my advice and just make sure you’re ready for a bumpy ride.

You can find Gravi on Desura for £5.99

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