gree-logoGaming social network and mobile publisher GREE has reportedly laid-off around 30 staff from their San Francisco office this week in order to operate “as efficiently as possible”.

GREE are primarily a Japanese social network and game publisher but have taken the west by storm recently thanks to it’s acquisition and immediate closure of what was one of the most popular in-game score networks, OpenFeint. The acquisition happened late last year and hit the news when GREE announced that games which have integrated Open Feint into their platform must remove it immediately or the game will no longer function.

They subsequently closed the OpenFeint studio and said goodbye to around 25 staff. Once OpenFeint ended developers were then given the option to integrate GREE into their games if they required some sort of social scoring system. From a mobile gamer’s point of view, this was something I wasn’t too happy about due to the amount of OpenFient achievements that I’d accomplished.

GREE have hit the news again though recently due to around 30 staff members of their San Francisco office have been laid-off. In an official statement GREE International chief operating officer Anil Dharni said:

“We have recently aligned GREE’s US studio to focus on creating the next generation of mobile social games,” he continued. “As part of ensuring that we are operating as efficiently as possible, we have made the difficult decision to reduce our work force.”

[Source: GameIndustry]

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