In recent times, we’ve seen what some would call an over abundance of Four player cover-based shooters. However, American indy Developer Insomniac Games has seen fit to bring another into the mix, with an interesting little demo going by the name of FUSE.

Having heard very little about the title up until the moment I found the demo on PSN, I wasn’t sure want to expect. The demo gives you just under an hours worth of game time across two action filled sections of the game. A small taste of the story is also included but I couldn’t say I really knew what was going on. None the less it was head first into whatever action the demo had to offer.

Let me just start by saying that, hey Mr. Developer, please can you make the controls less awful. Don’t get me wrong, once I got the hang of things ‘FUSE’ wasn’t awful in terms of controls, but my gosh is that run awful to control. Nonetheless, I must give points to the wonderful cover system and freedom of movement. It’s just the button presses to do such actions feel slow and clunky. Also, why can the enemy move faster then me?

Xbox fuse controls PS3 fuse controls

Being a four player drive action game, you can look forward to some fun moments with friends. Of course, me being the lone gamer that I am I had to hit up the demo by myself. The game gives you the option to switch between the four characters freely which is nice, as each have their own skills and weapon sets. My issue here however is that the level system is a bit flawed. Each character levels up independently so sometimes you’ll find a gap between the levels – I can’t see this being a big issue in the final game but for single-player, it’s concerning.

None the less the demo was enjoyable once I got my head around the controls. A bit short lived maybe, but fun enough when you get down ot it. The game runs and looks gorgeous and the detail in the visual effects is nice. It was a good taste of the full title which is set to release later this month on May 28th in the US and May 31st in Europe.

Though I’m not certain if I’ll pick up the full release, I must recommend you try the demo.

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