Helm Knight 2

Helm Knight 2Ever fancied playing Mario but just felt like he should wield some sort of weapon like a sword? Well in Helm Knight 2 you can do just that. If I were to describe Helm Knight 2 in a real life scenario like sitting in your favourite chair on the bus, it’s familiar, you like the way it’s positioned, but you’re not comfortable enough to strip down to your underwear like you would at home. That’s a little how I’d describe Helm Knight 2..

Helm Knight 2 is a simple little platform game which involves you controlling a little knight who’s wearing a helmet as big as his little body. Your main objective is to collect the crystal that’s being held by the evil black knight at end of each level but you must avoid the various monsters that you’ll come across on your way.

Screenshot_2013-05-04-15-13-31My initial “favourite seat on the bus” description might need a little explaining. Helm Knight 2 plays very much like early Super Mario Bro’s. Along the way you’ll come across coins which you can collect, you also come across flags with you can raise which work as check points when you die, and there’s also various monsters which walk backwards and forwards in order to make things difficult – not to mention the flower that spits fire at you.. But the reason it’s not like Mario is that jumping on the monsters will harm you, there’s no power ups other than potion bottles that seldom drop when a monster is successfully slain, and there’s no princess to rescue. The coins that you collect can be put to good use too with the ability to buy extra lives as well as health potion upgrades which is a great addition. In short, the game feels familiar, but with the addition of new elements makes it feel fresh.

What makes the game fun and differ from Mario completely is the option to whack the creatures with your sword. There’s something quite satisfying about mashing the virtual button in order to put an end to the smug little orange slug things.

The overall look of the game is quite pleasant too. It’s simple and not too overly saturated with colour, the art style is simple and cartoon-ish and has a very nostalgic feel to it. Recently mobile games have been trying to push the limits of what smartphones can achieve which at times can be great, but with games like this, the simplicity is refreshing. The music that plays in the game really fits in well with the overall simplistic medieval style, it isn’t too loud and distracting either which is a plus. For a game that’s quite frustrating at times the in game music is quite calming which helps prevent phones being angrily thrown at walls.

Helm Knight 2There are some aspects of the game which I believe could be added to make the game a little better such as the ability to kill a monster or temporarily stun it so you can get in a few attacks before it stars gobbing green goo at you. The shop could utilise more things too such as a sword upgrade, or different weapons or even cosmetics such as different colour helmets or outfits.

Overall this is a refreshingly simple game which captures classic platformer elements from popular titles like Super Mario Bro’s. There are a few little bugs which need ironing out, but overall playing this game was a pleasurable experience. The game has around 30 different levels with each level getting more difficult as you progress, seriously I’m stuck on level 7..

Helm Knight 2 is available on Google Play, the iTunes App Store, and the Mac App Store for free!

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