b0d6be1f175b7f32d806f44f01a6b426f3435de3The humble BitCoin. A weird phenomenon that seemed to come from nowhere. Computer whizz’s love it because it’s anonymous, simple to acquire (if you have a powerful computer), and isn’t governed by any governments. The Governments however hate it because of the very same reasons. If you’re still a little confused check out our piece on the virtual currency.

Humble Bundle announced earlier last week that they were now accepting BitCoin as payment for the Double Fine bundle which is currently in progress. Various online retailers have started to adopt the virtual currency which is currently worth around £74.29 per BitCoin and Humble Bundle are a welcome addition.

According to Venture Beat:

“Buying a bundle using Bitcoins is as easy as using our other payment processors, [like] PayPal, Amazon Payments, and Google Wallet,” Humble Bundle spokesperson Joshua Knoles wrote in a statement. “Simply name your price for a bundle and select ‘Pay with Bitcoin’ when checking out, and you’ll be well on your way to playing some truly double fine Double Fine games.”

Currently the outlook on the BitCoin is a little bleak due to the recent controversy surrounding various accounts being hacked but hopefully more companies adopt the BitCoin as a genuine form of payment in the near future.

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