Humble Bundle 8The guys over at Humble Bundle are offering another set of great games to users, for which they can pay as much or as little they want and as always the money raised is used to support good causes.

This package, the Humble Indie Bundle 8, includes five games for those who pay below the average (which stands at $5.69 at the time of writing) and seven for those who pay above the average.

The five games that are unlocked, through Steam, to those who pay between $1 and the average are Little Inferno, Awesomenauts, Capsized, Thomas Was Alone and Dear Esther, with the two extra unlockable games that come with a payment larger than the average being Hotline Miami and Proteus.

Humble Indie Bundle 8’s collection of games is a great one, with those featured averaging reviews in the 8/10 region across a number of sites. As usual with Humble Bundle the games are cross-platform and DRM-free, meaning the good cause is not just for those with a PC, with a number of games making their Linux debuts. The DRM-free nature of the games will also please those who like their games with no restrictions.

If you were to buy these games separately they would cost over $90 but this deal is offering you them for as little as $1, however as there is a good cause users have been digging a lot deeper than this as customers are given the choice of how their money is divided between charities and developers.

humbleindie8Indeed some gamers have dug a lot deeper than the $1 required, with Swedish genius behind Minecraft, Markus Persson, currently toping the contributors chart by donating a whopping $5,000.

The good causes in this bundle are the Child’s Play Charity, which calls on the worldwide gaming community to provide aid to sick children in hospital, by giving them the ability to gain some release through the joy of gaming. Since 2003 the charity has provided millions of dollars of games and game systems to children in hospitals around the world.

Alongside this is the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which aims to protect rights in the digital world. The non-profit organisation works with tech-savvy lawyers and activists to fight intrusion into internet users privacy around the world.

At the time of writing an incredible 182,000 bundles have been sold, raising over $1,000,000, with these numbers always increasing and considering the bundle has only been live for a day the figures really are mind blowing.

There are about 13 days left on this one chance offer, so I encourage you all to grab a bargain on a great collection of games and help out a good cause while you do so.

The seven indie titles have a great mix as well so whether you like a challenging puzzle game or an all out action platform taking on extraterrestrials there’s something in the bundle for everyone.

To get  involved and game for a good cause head on over to within the next two weeks. Check out the video above by fellow n3rdabl3 writer James Hoare.

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