steve kondikA few weeks ago we wrote that the guys behind the custom Android firmware CyanogenMod weren’t going to support or even develop CM for Samsungs latest handset the Galaxy S IV. As It turns the original founder of CyanogenMod Steve Kondik posted a teaser image of the “About Phone” screen of US T-Mobile variant currently running CyanogenMod 10.1.

In typical comedy fashion Steve Kondik posted the screenshot on the left to his Google+ account with the quote “Definitely not supporting the S4”. The main reason for the initial announcement by XpLoDWilD saying that CM won’t be supporting the S4 stemmed from the phones increased difficulty to mod custom ROMS. But soon after the statement was released other members of the team weren’t too happy with XpLoDWilD and released a counteracting statement which pointed out that no one person has the authority to speak for the entire team.

Drama aside you’ve come here to read about CyanogenMod 10 for the Galaxy S IV, so let’s have it! Currently they’re working on builds for the US T-Mobile variant (SGH-M919) and the Canadian variant (SGH-i337M) of the device with the international version (i9505) to come at a later date as soon as they have the hardware.

You can currently download Nightlies of the T-Mobile and Canadian ROMs if you head here(tmo) and here(can) but they are currently experimental versions of the firmware which do work, but all of the bugs aren’t quite ironed out. According to Kondik “The touchscreen on this device should support Android’s hover events.” and that he’s “looking forward to see what the community can come up with using this new feature!”.

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