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W/Me wristband greenMood rings, a height of fashion in the 80’s may be making a comeback with Phyode’s W/Me wristband, which is described as ‘a wearable device that can improve your lifestyle’.

The mood rings of the 70’s and 80’s were basically a glorified heat sensor that changed colour according to the temperature of the wearer, this supposedly signified the mood of whoever was wearing the ring.

A Kickstarter project has started to try and take this rather simple idea of a wearable device reflecting your mood and apply it to modern day technology.

The result is a wearable device that can not only track your mood but also manage and track a variety of aspects of a users’ lifestyle, with the ultimate goal of increasing the day-to-day quality of life of the wearer.

Rather than just going on body temperature to display the emotional state of the wearer like the mood rings of old the W/Me wristband uses a whole host of modern science technology and nervous system monitoring to tell whether you fall into one of four emotional states.

The four states consist of passive, excitable, pessimistic or anxious, with these being measured through the body’s autonomic nervous system and the capturing of electrical impulses that go through the body.
W/Me Wristband emotional states
These four states are not clear cut however, you may not be considered as entirely one or the other as there is a ‘balanced’ section that crosses all four of these mental states, you may be leaning towards exciteable but still be balanced for example, or you may be completely pessimistic and not be as balanced as desired.

W/Me wristbands aren’t just a good looking version of an old fashion statement however as along with determining a users mental state the product offers a bunch of features that can improve one’s lifestyle.

Aside from the mental state Phyode wish to map out a host of lifestyle issues with their specially developed Life Spectrum Analyzer (LSA). This, the company hopes, will take analysis of lifestyle issues beyond on what they define as “typical analytics”, such as heart rate and estimated calories burned.

This results in the wristband conducting a unique analysis of mental agility and breathing to go alongside the analysis of mental state and the aforementioned “typical analytics”.

So if mental state is whether you are feeling passive, excitable, pessimistic, or anxious what do these other factors mean?

Well mental agility is how capable your body is to adjust to changes in your surrounding environment. Basically the lower your mental agility the more likely you are to be prone to feelings of stress.

ANS age is something that Phyode have developed with researchers in the medical field and maps the age of your aforementioned autonomic nervous system.

Once it collects as this sort of data that health nuts will love it then takes steps to coach you on things like breathing to ensure that you become a more balanced person and your mental agility increases, while your ANS age decreases.
W/Me Wristband App
The wristband works alongside your smartphone and a W/Me wristband app to deliver the results of all these factors that the band measures to your phone, from here you can do all the usual social networking sharing stuff that you would come to expect from a smartphone app.

This link with a smartphone gives the W/Me wristband a whole bunch of other features, such as vibrating when you have a call, text or email, or being able to locate your phone if you’ve misplaced it nearby.

These features make the wristband sound like a smartwatch designed for someone leading an active lifestyle and want to stay fit but it seems that these features are more of an extra selling point rather than a central focal point of the product.

It looks as though Phyode are set to easily surpass the $100,000 mark they set as the project is currently standing on $94,399 with 32 days to go.

If you are the sort of person that leads an active lifestyle and want tips on how to stay fitter and improve said lifestyle then the W/Me wristband may be for you and it could be worth pledging to the Kickstarter now before the product hits retail stores and the price increases.

What will be interesting in the coming months is how this bit of kit compares to a big brand, such as Nike and their FuelBand, as there looks set to be another face off between a community funded project and a big corporation, much in the same way there could be over the previously mentioned smartwatches.

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