LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

LEGO Marvel Super HeroesWhilst browsing YouTube we spotted a new trailer for the up coming LEGO Marvel Super Heroes game which I must say looks absolutely awesome! Apart from the fact that Robert Downey Jr. isn’t the voice of Iron Man, but hey ho!

LEGO video game fans and comic book fans alike rejoice at the latest trailer which shows of a fantastic six minutes of gameplay footage, watch Hulk smash, Iron Man whizz around in the air and blast away some unsuspecting enemies, and watch Spiderman spin webs in order to get at tricky spots which help the gang defeat Sandman.

The video itself isn’t on any of the official press sites, nor does it appear on the Marvel site either so I guess we could assume it’s a leak, even though it was uploaded to ShXrK’s YouTube Channel around a month ago?  Either way this game looks awesome! It’s got the perfect mix of Marvel and LEGO with all of your favourite characters doing the usual LEGO video game things such as solving puzzles and building items which help beat the level.

[Source: YouTube]

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