Since Google announced the Nexus 4 the illusive white version of the handset has been popping up over the web for a long time. More recently however it’s become a little more regular and LG have finally lifted the lid on the device.

Going on sale in Hong Kong on May 29th the handset plans to roll out globally in the “coming weeks” but no specific dates have yet been released.

The white version of the Nexus 4 is more of a hybrid than an all out white version with the back and the rubberised edges being white, but retaining the black front face. Some are a little disappointed with this as most cases will cover up the phone’s white colouring, and as you know from my Nexus 4 review, you really ought to use a case.

There’s nothing else special about the device either, it still comes with Android 4.2 and contains the same hardware as it’s black brother. What it does tell us is that LG and Google still see a market for the Nexus 4 and we probably won’t see another Nexus device until Google I/O next year. (I say this in the hopes that I’m very wrong).

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