Road open teaser

Road open teaser

Mid-May is set to be an exciting period for Liverpool based developer Lucid Games, according to an update last week on their Facebook page. Accompanied by a ‘Road Open’ teaser picture, they promised that ‘Mid-May will be interesting for the studio’, with some ‘exciting updates’ coming.

Originally formed in 2011 from the ashes of the now defunct Bizarre Creations, they’ve a history with the enduringly popular ‘Project Gotham‘ racing titles, which seems likely to feature heavily in their exciting update. It’s understood that the rights to the  series remained with Microsoft after Bizarre’s acquisition by Activision in 2007 and considering the upcoming reveal for the new Xbox console on May 21st, it’s a fair bet there’s a new title in the works.

We’ve contacted Lucid, who are also behind the upcoming Vita title ‘Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery‘, for further details and will update this article as we hear back.

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