“The number of consumers with a mobile phone on them at any time is almost as high as the number with cash on them at any time.” said Toby Padgham, AIME Director whilst talking about the upcoming Payforit Summit. Some of you may have experience the opportunity to charge to your mobile bill whilst buying a game in the app store, but what if that option was taken out of the app stores and used to pay for things online?

In an event in London on June 26th AIME hopes to help more and more businesses learn more about Payforit, the UK Mobile Operator backed micropayment scheme.

With support from all the UK’s mobile network operators O2, EE, Three and Vodafone the event, held at 10-11 Carlton House Terrace, just round the corner from Charing Cross train station, will provide an introduction into mobile billing for any business that is keen to target the UK’s growing smartphone and mobile-savvy audience.

phoneThis service named Payforit, allows consumers to pay for digital goods and services directly from their mobile phone. It’s fully backed by all the UK mobile operators and is growing very quickly. Recent figures from AIME show Payforit revenues grew by 25% in 2012.

One example of how Payforit is utilised is They’ve been using Payforit for over 18 months for consumers to pay for the onboard WiFi on trains and noticed that more people would rather charge their monthly mobile bill for this small infrequent transaction than entering credit card details.

For the increasing number of merchants that are already using Payforit, the Summit will offer more details about the future developments of the service, as well as sessions on how to use Payforit to increase the number of customers and transactions for the merchant

I believe that charge to mobile bill billing could take off for smaller transactions such as app purchases, in app purchases, and small online transactions such as the one mentioned above, it could almost become as useful as contactless NFC payments which at the moment seems to be struggling to make a mark in the UK.

If you fancy checking out Payforit as well as more details on the up coming summit, check out

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