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I’m picking up an old feature that n3rdabl3 once had waaaay back when – monthly favourite apps. Every month I’ll share with you my three favourite apps and in the comment section below you can recommend me apps to check out the following month, okay let’s do this!

pattrn1) Pattrn
Pattrn is new to me but has been around since mid 2012, the idea is simple, the developer, a huge fan of ColourLovers a creative community designed an app that acts as a giant database for the awesome patterns made on Colourlovers. You can check out the latest uploads, most popular or you can search for absolutely anything you like. I have a teeny tiny obsession with foxes, after searching on Pattrn my S2 has a pretty sweet background now. You can save the images or install them as your background via a button on the app, the user interface is clean and simple. If you’re a person that likes change, Pattrn can change your background automatically at an interval you choose. It’s a great little app and I thoroughly recommend it.

Pattrn is currently only available on Google Play and is free.

bandsintown2) Bandsintown
Bandsintown is a super easy way of keeping up to date with your favourite bands, if you’re a band/artist you can sync the app with your bands website and social media sites.

Fans: Once you’ve downloaded the app you will be asked to log in via Facebook or email and allow the location settings, the app can gather your musical preferences from your Facebook activity and likes, it can also gather the information from, Pandora or Google play but it won’t do this without your permission.

Once you’ve let the app collect what it needs or you’ve manually entered the band names you will find your personalised Concert Cloud. Here is where you can see who is touring near you, you can RSVP, buy tickets and have a nosey at who else is going.
At the bottom of the Concert Cloud you’ll find a slider, you can alter how many recommended bands you see on your cloud, you can check out who’s playing near you that’s similar to your favourite bands or you can simply just follow the bands alone.

Another great feature on the app is you are able to check out anything that is going on close to your location whether you’re into it or not.

Bands: As a band you can manually enter your tour dates or allow the app to pull in your dates from over 100 ticket vendors, these dates are then turned into Facebook events. You can also make use of the Bandsintown social feature that will send out updates to your fans letting them know they can buy tickets at regular intervals (pre-sale, a month until the show, a week left ect).

Bandsintown is a great app for any music lover.

Available on Facebook, iOS and Google Play for free.

snapchat3) Snapchat
I’m 100% sure I don’t use Snapchat how the creators intended, personally I use it to send Mr N3 the most hideous pictures of myself.
Snapchat is a quick and easy way to share a picture with one of your added recipients or a group, you control how long the image can be seen for with a maximum of up to 10 seconds.

To view the image contact must be made with the screen for the designated time after this the image is deleted from the recipients device and the SC servers. This makes cheeky screen caps awkward but not impossible, if you have a terrible friend that can’t resist print screening that picture of you displaying all of your chins Snapchat will notify you letting you know your friend has captured the blackmail material.

For a brief time Snapchat received a lot of news coverage as being a ‘sexting app’ yes of course it can be used ‘inappropriately’, it is after all the internet. If that’s what you want to do fine I’m not judging, Although I’m sure that it breaks some kind of terms of service. If you want to keep it clean don’t worry about the reported ‘dirty side’ of SC, you won’t be able to see anything belonging to anyone else without first accepting them onto your list of friends.

You can also write and draw on the image, and a cheeky feature that isn’t advertised is the ability to apply filters to the image before sending. By entering ‘B&w…’ , ‘Negative…’ and ‘Sepia…’ into the text field you can edit the image but that seems like far too much effort for an image that will be seen for a maximum of 10 seconds – aint nobody got time for that.

“Should I buy this?”, “is this the toothpaste you wanted?”, “I’m over here!” or a classic derp face – you can use Snapchat however you like.

Available on iOS and Google Play for free.

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