mortal_kombat up PC owners! Do you miss hearing a man in Yellow telling you to “Get over here!”? Has it been too long since you saw a four armed lady tear you into pieces and clap with your severed arms? Is there ever a minute in your day where you longed to see an internal view of your foes bones breaking and organs compressing as you repeatedly elbow them in the rib cage? Now your worries are all but over. Finally, after a wait of almost two years, you can do it all again as Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition bursts onto our PC screens for oodles of high res babalities and people jumping randomly as they mess up the fatality button sequences.

Originally developed by the Legendary Netherrealm studios of recent Injustice fame Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition has been adapted by High Voltage Software for our keyboards and our gamepads. Featuring all of the DLC given to konsole (see what I did there) owners including over 15 Klassic skins as well as three re imaginings of the Klassic fatalities from Scorpion, Reptile and Sub Zero. The Komplete Edition will also feature the four DLC characters Skarlet, Kenshi, Rain and the ultimate in dream invading horror nasties the legendary Freddy Kreuger himself. All of the DLC characters feature their own move sets and fatalities to boot.

As of yet there is no confirmation of price but with it coming to digital distribution platforms on July the 3rd and in physical format for Windows PC on August the 2nd we don’t have too long to wait for one of the best beat em up games of this generation to start practising its combos against our graphics cards. It has been a long time coming however, we are looking at over 2 years since its release date on consoles and many pc players have been waiting for this to arrive. Hopefully High Voltage Software will do the series justice and let us experience the incredible story mode and the addictive challenge tower beautifully on PC finally!

And for any beat em up buffs out there, it will support the Mortal Kombat Tournament Edition Fight stick. Now come on Mortal Kombat, get over here already!

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