X Phone Side-by-Side

X Phone Side-by-SideFor you mobile fans that come to n3rdabl3, you are going to love this tidbit of news that I have to bring you. According to an article at TechCrunch, it looks like Motorola Mobility left behind some documents at the FCC, which are open to view here. What is interesting is that the documents, which have the model number of XT1058, contain the provided picture in this article, which looks a lot like the leaked images of Motorola’s X Phone that were leaked back in March.

Comparing the alignment of the two pictures, side by side, bare a striking resemblance to one another in design. You can see that the camera lines up with the first circle in the design sketch, followed by the LED flash for the camera, and the last circle lines up with the Motorola symbol. Even what appears to be the speakers line up well with the design sketch, as well as the curve on the top of the phone.

The only let down is that no one knows what this phone could be capable of, since the documents on the FCC’s site shows that the piece of tech has radios for Bluetooth 4.0, 802.11ac, and NFC. The XT1085 has also been found to support AT&T’s LTE bands, which seems to bare a resemblance to leaked photos over at EvLeaks twitter, who posted images of something called an XFON, since both seem to use AT&T as a provider.

For all we know, this could be one big coincidence and this is a completely different phone from the XFON, or perhaps this XT1085 is the XFON and we have been given a door to see the next smartphone before it hits store shelves.

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