Mozilla Firefox OS partners

Firefox Os Mozilla have certainly been busy this year, with smartphones being announced, and some already being released, but it seems that Mozilla want to corner even more of the market as there are a number of rumours floating around regarding a tablet running the infant Firefox OS.

The software for smartphones is entirely HTML-5 based, with apps coming straight from the internet and being updated and slightly modified to be placed on the Firefox app store.

This results in a unique selling point for the Firefox OS as it lends itself to ‘one-use’ apps, which really excited me and I’ve talked about in previous posts about the operating system, however there is still no word how many features from the mobile system will be transferred to the rumoured tablet release.

The reason for this is the fact that the Mozilla Firefox OS tablet is still just a rumour, it has been since the phone operating system was announced and someone over at Mozilla claimed they were keen to place the Firefox OS on a large number of products.

A press conference has been announced by manufacturers Foxconn, who you might recognise as manufacturers of a whole bunch of Apple products, in partnership with Mozilla for next week and it is expected that a tablet running Firefox OS will be top of the subject list.

What is interesting is that it is rumoured that Foxconn want to start shifting their own product, instead of just making bits of tech for a variety of giants around the world. This has led to an expectation that the product will be independently made and branded by Foxconn and supported by Mozilla’s software.

The announcement of the conference this week makes Foxconn Mozilla’s 19th partner in their quest to enter the mobile market, which could be interpreted as a sign for how excited manufacturers are for the Firefox OS.

Mozilla Firefox OS partners

If we continue to assume that it will be a tablet that will be announced next week, as one of those lovely “industry insider” told a news source in Taiwan (where the press conference is

being held), and continue to draw things we have learnt from the mobile releases it can be assumed that the tablet will be aimed at low-end products, as Mozilla try to establish their new products in emerging economies.

What should be noted is the positive reaction that the first two low-end smartphones that have been released running Firefox OS, they are almost impossible to get a hold of and sold-out pretty quickly.

Another interesting fact behind these developments is the speed of which this rumour has emerged, coming so quickly off the back of the release of the first two Firefox OS smartphones. The system is still to reach a number of it’s destinations, and there is still no word of how long the UK can expect a Firefox OS product.

It was assumed that Mozilla would wait to see how the mobile software was received across their first round of releases before possibly moving it to more established economies and from there look at other products such as tablets, the announcementcoming this quickly shows the speed in which Mozilla want to start making up ground on the big boys of the mobile world.

It may be because I like an underdog but I am rooting for the Firefox OS to take off, especially as some of the features announced so far have impressed me, but Mozilla will have their work cut out trying to infiltrate the tablet market, which has already been cornered by other big names in the game.

As always I’d love to hear what you think of Mozilla releasing a Firefox OS, is the HTML-5 format something that appeals to you and would you avoid the attraction to a more established tablet software like Android or iOS in favour of trying something new like the Firefox OS?

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