codscreenMost Call of Duty fans who play the game on a regular basis may have noticed a hefty title update that we were required to download yesterday. This new update not only included a new game mode (Arms Race) and a bunch of bug fixes, some smart cookie also saw something in the game files included in the patch.

The news comes in from YouTuber MrJamesGeary who explained that his partner TheJaRniBoi managed to ‘unlock’ the camo for various items including the Riot Shield, Crossbow, and various other weapons. Some have said that this new camo, which brandishes the skull logo/image that can be seen on the new Call of Duty teaser site we mentioned yesterday, will be added in as a new micro-transaction add-on packs whether it will be as a free download in order to promote the new title or whether it’ll cost the usual 160MS Points we’ll have to wait and see.

The screen shot on the left is probably the clearest of the three pictures which you can find here.

[Source: MP1st via VG24/7]

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