Remember Me

Remember Me BoxartMost of the details that have been released for Capcom’s next title, Remember Me haven’t been the most revealing, sure we’ve learned about the basic gist of the game, who the main character is, and why she’s out for revenge against the Memorize corporation. What we’ve yet to understand is the main concept of the game and who memory hunters or ‘Errorists’ as they’re called in the game actually are, and what they do.

This video puts the whole concept of memories, and memory remixing quite simply and how they effect the game and the main protagonist Nilin. We’ve learned that we begin the game with Nilin having no memory, with the overall mission to find out why her memories were erased by Memorize.

Like with most games the player needs to learn the combat moves; Remember Me does a really fantastic job of incorporating the tuition of combat moves within the main story without having to pause the gameplay to show how to execute certain moves. Within the game, Nilin has the chance to discover hidden memories and ‘plugins’ in order to learn or remember combat moves – these are called Pressens. Pressens give you the ability to customise combo’s in order to execute an awesome set of moves to defeat the various enemies you’ll come across.

The video goes onto explain how in depth you can get into the game if you so choose such as learning the vast history of Neo Paris through various Mnesist memories.

Remember Me is scheduled for release on June 7 on PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.

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