The Last of Us Infected

The Last of Us InfectedThe latest trailer released by Sony for their up coming game The Last of Us dives in deep to talk about and show off some of the main features within this incredible looking game. We already know the basics of how the duo of Joel and Ellie come to be but we haven’t learned too much about the Infected, one of the main breed of characters in the game which you have to avoid and battle against.

From this video alone it explains a lot about the main ideas behind the game, though it’s a survival game there’s a much deeper story rooted in the growing relationship between protagonist Joel and a young girl who he’s tasked to ‘deliver’, Ellie. Along the way the duo will come across not only the Infected, but other survivors who seem intent on causing harm to them both.

The inspiration behind the Infected is from a type of fungus that infects bugs by embedding itself inside the mind of the creature before bursting out in order to infect other creatures. The team decided to take this idea and turn it into an infection that can effect humans, which adds another sense of empathy to the game.

In other The Last of Us news, the game is set to get a multiplayer mode which according to the developers will be “very fun”. No other details have been released on what the multiplayer might involve as Naughty Dog are keeping a tight lid on that box, but with just over a month until it’s release we haven’t got too long to wait!

The Last of Us is scheduled for release exclusively for PlayStation 3 on June 14th

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