Watch_DogsBrand new screenshots have been leaked on Ubisofts up coming game Watch_Dogs. The screens include some ways in which the protagonist Aiden Pearce can take advantage of  hacking into the CtOS (Central Operating System) which is controlling the city.

The post on NeoGAF also mentioned some more details are to be revealed today which have surfaced in the form of a more in depth description of the game, what exactly the CtOS is and what role Pearce plays in the game.

In Watch_Dogs you’re based in the city of Chicago but it’s not the same one we’re all familiar with. This city is controlled by a Central Operating System or CtOS for short. This always connected supercomputer ensures everything is linked through electronic devices in an attempt to cut down on crime. Aiden Pearce comes in at this point as a talented hacker who has found a way to take matters into his own hands in order to get revenge on those who harmed his family.

With the power of the city in his hands, you as Pearce, have total control of how the story goes. You can use your knowledge to do good, or spend hours searching through peoples history and spying on their webcams. According to Destructiod who were at one of the various Watch_Dogs demo’s shown to various publications worldwide:

In the demo, the player hacked into one of the free Wifi hotspots located around the city, and from there barged into someone’s apartment via their laptop webcam. We could then see a guy and a woman sitting on a couch having a conversation. Aiden then jumped to a tablet nearer the couple for a better look, and from there you saw that the woman was actual a real doll. Something completely private was exposed to Aiden’s prying eyes. It was here where the player could see the man’s license plate info too, which you can take and trade to car robbers that would then allow you to get this guy’s car for yourself.

Watch_DogsHow you face each scenario you come across is reflected by the way the media and the people of Chicago see you. You’re essentially a vigilante with the power to do whatever you want however you want. Do you become the cities hero? Or do you go the complete opposite and take people for everything their worth?

Watch_Dogs is essentially about morality. It’s a huge sandbox game where the player takes control of how the rest of the game plays out. One persons game could be completely different from their friends and it’s game play mechanics like this which I feel is going to make Watch_Dogs stand out from the many other open world games coming out this year.

Watch_Dogs is scheduled for release on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PC, Wii U and other next generation consoles on November 22.

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