xbox-2013-inviteIt comes as little or no surprise that we’re hearing reports that Xbox are preparing another new Xbox Dashboard update in preparation for the launch of the Next Gen Xbox which is set to be revealed in just three days!

Usually around the E3 event there’s news that the Xbox 360 will be getting a new Dashboard layout or update which may or may not feature some UI changes or updates and during said event low and behold a new Dashboard is revealed.

According to The Verge who has heard from the usual “sources familiar with Microsoft’s Xbox plans” A new dashboard update will enter into a public beta in late June or early July. The new update is said to contain a UI refresh that’s somewhat similar to the new Windows 8.1 with smaller live tile arrangements and the possibility of lighter or darker colour themes.

The update apparently being made to ensure that players can transition easier from the 360 to the new console and also have the ability for players to communicate between the different consoles via “messaging, Beacons, and Achievements”. There’s also the rumour that Microsoft are planning to trash their Microsoft Points system in exchange for real currency and gift cards like what the PlayStation and Steam already offer.

I’m sure all will be revealed on Tuesday 21st at 6pm BST! It’s certainly something I can’t wait for.

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