Nintendo-Direct-LogoNintendo held a Nintendo Direct broadcast today which was shown all over the world at around 3pm UK time. It was a short 30 minunte blast of information covering both Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Wii U titles that’ll be launching over the next few months. There will also be another Nintendo Direct broadcast around the time of the E3 event.

Mario and Sonic Sochi OlympicsNintendo Direct kicked off with Mr Iwata introducing a new game from SEGA which you may have already guessed is Mario & Sonic Winter Olympics for the Wii U. Taking place in a city called Sochi located in the South of Russia and will feature enhanced graphics compared to previous titles in the Mario & Sonic series with environmental effects such as snow and ice being realistically presented.

Two new Olympic events have been added too along with the usual skiing and snowboarding events in the form of figure skating and a more extreme snowboarding freestyle event. Mario & Sonic Winter Olympics also makes use of the Wii U gamepad by requiring the user to switch between the TV screen and gamepad in order to complete certain parts of an event.

No launch date has yet been announced.

Sonic-Lost-WorldNext we moved swiftly onto Mr. Iwata announcing that Nintendo have  entered into a worldwide partnership with SEGA on the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. What this lead onto was the introduction of a brand new Sonic the Hedgehog game, Sonic: Lost Worlds which is a brand new action adventure platform game exclusive to Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. More details will be revealed in the second broadcast near E3.

Whilst we’re still on the subject of SEGA, Mr. Iwara announced that they’ll be launching  additional SEGA game gear titles on the Nintendo 3DS eShop such as Sonic the Hedgehog 1 and 2, Sonic Blast, Defenders of Oasis, and Sonic Drift 2 to name a few.

A date for these hasn’t yet been announced.

We moved directly onto Game & Wario which is scheduled to launch on June 28th on the Wii U. Game & Wario is a bundle of 16 mini games which use the game pad to it’s full potential. Check out the trailer for that here.

Nintendo Direct then moved onto Resident Evil Revelations, you can find out more about that here.

gaming-super-luigi-bros-screenshot-6_1Following Resident Evil Revelations was something I got pretty excited about! As you know Nintendo has coined this year “The Year of Luigi” and to celebrate that on June 20th you can download New Super Luigi U for the Wii U as long as you have a copy of New Super Mario Bros U. But that’s not all! Hardcore Luigi fans might not have a copy of New Super Mario Bros U so on July 26 you’ll be able to buy a retail copy of New Super Luigi U as a complete standalone version.

New Super Luigi U supports the little guy by not including Mario in the game whatsoever so in multiplayer you can play as Luigi, Blue Toad, Yellow Toad and Nabbit. Nabbit is a previously unplayable character which featured in New Super Mario Bros U where the player had to catch the Nabbit because he stole items from Toads house. In Super Luigi U players who play Nabbit will experience some new abilities that the other characters don’t have such as the inability to power up or receive damage from enemies if they touch. But remember Nabbit is only available during multiplayer gameplay!

The game itself features 80+ updates courses, unique Luigi gameplay and the extra Nabbit playable character! It’s essentially an entirely new game!

In a quick segway Mr. Iwata announced that the Wonderful 101 will be coming to Europe on August 23rd. More information on that game during their pre-E3 Nintendo Direct broadcast.

pikmin3Now onto Pikmin 3. The Nintendo Direct broadcast shed some more light on Pikmin 3 and the story that’s included. The game will feature three playable characters, Alph, Brittany, and Charlie, who have come to this planet to find resourses. Each character is exploring the planet simultaneously. In order to collect resources, the three characters discover the adorable Pikmin. From here players utilise the Pikmin to help collect fruit for their dying home world and also for life-sustaining juice.

The Wii U gamepad will feature quite heavily in this game and has been renamed the “KopPad”. The KopPad will act as the games HUD and players will be able to use the touch screen to navigate the map and control teams of Pikmin.

Unlike previous Pikmin games, Pikmin 3 will have no limitation on the days spent in-game which will lead to more time to explore the planet and collect the valuable resources.

The release date for Pikmin 3 has been scheduled for July 26th.

So that’s it for this Nintendo Direct, we can expect another broadcast around the time of E3. If you’d like to watch the broadcast for yourself, you can still watch it here.

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