Pokemon X and Y

Pokemon FennekinIt’s been said that Nintendo plan on revealing a bucket load of information on Pokémon X & Y, the next Pokémon game that’s slated for release in October.

During a ‘developer roundtable’ which is scheduled to be held on Tuesday, June 11 shortly after Nintendo’s second Nintendo Direct Broadcast. Nintendo will be discussing details of Pokémon X & Y with representatives from Game Freak and The Pokemon Company. Nintendo are known to hold annual roundtables which usually focus on several different games so to hear that it’ll focus on just one game surprises and excites us!

The roundtable won’t be live streamed anywhere so keep an eye on n3rdabl3 for what exactly gets revealed around June 11!

Check out everything we know so far by taking a gander at our Pokémon X & Y tag!

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