Asha 501

Asha 501Nokia is bringing out a new family of low-end feature/smartphones which have been named Asha 501 and they’re super colourful!

This is the first Feature/Smartphone that Nokia are building on the Asha platform, following the acquisition of Smarterphone which aims to make low-end phones better and more developer friendly. The 501 will feature a dual-SIM and mono-SIM version along with a 3-inch touchscreen with a single ‘back’ button. Being a small and very lightweight smartphone, the 501 still keeps it’s design nice and tight with a good looking interface and solid design. Users will be given the choice of screens within the software. One which is the traditional Nokia ‘home’ experience and the other being a ‘Fastlane’ to recent items.

Available in six different colours including blue, red and green, the 501 is also said to offer 17-hours talk-time. Releasing initially in India, the 501 will get an international release in June to over 90 countries worldwide. The US however won’t be seeing the 501.

We look forward to covering the phone more in the coming weeks which is said to be priced at 75 euros.

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