otterproofThe saying goes: “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” but in OtterBox’s case it was more: “If you can’t beat ’em, acquire ’em”. OtterBox announced earlier this week that they’ve acquired rival protective phone case maker LifeProof for an undisclosed amount. The news comes just after a patent dispute between the two companies was dismissed in court.

OtterBox has since said to various publications that the acquisition is unrelated to the lawsuit or any settlement. Just a coincidence, probably..

Over the next month or so OtterBox plan to incorporate the LifeProof brand and it’s products into OtterBox’s own line up of protective cases. More information is said to be revealed after that time. LifeProof’s staff of around 250 people will remain in their current San Diego location for the foreseeable future. “Our strategy is to utilize our combined brand momentum, and world-class talent to create a great customer experience that generates OtterBox brand ambassadors for life,” OtterBox CEO Brian Thomas said in the acquisition announcement.

Both OtterBox and LifeProof offer a range of different cases and protective measures for smartphones and tablets which prevent damage to our devices when dropped, submerged in water, or subjected to dusty environments. The acquisition gives a promising outlook on OtterBox’s already super durable cases and will probably result in even better cases which will probably defy gravity itself.

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