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Paranoid Android HaloParanoid Android is one of my favourite Android custom ROM’s, it keeps the standard vanilla Android look, with a bunch of added tweaks and features which improve Android a hell of a lot. The latest addition to Paranoid Android is the new Halo feature, a brand new way to manage notifications which has been heavily inspired by the new Facebook Chat Heads feature located in the Messenger app.

Much like the Chat Heads once turned on the Halo feature displays a small circle with a preview of the app inside. Once opened the full version of the app appears in a small pop-out window, that’s right, not a minimal version of the app, the entire app with complete functionality located in this miniature window. Whether you’re playing a game, watching a video or just browsing the web you can open up the Halo and whatever you’re doing at the time will stop.

The Halo feature also works with almost any app according to the video above which is pretty awesome for a relatively new (and relatively huge) feature.

Want to get your hands on Halo? Well you can if you’ve got a Nexus 4 or Nexus 7! As of today you can download some very early test builds of Paranoid Android which include the Halo feature. As you’d expect from a very early test build, it’s not going to be perfect so bare that in mind when deciding to flash this ROM. According to Android Central there’s also a build for the Oppo Find 5, and a Galaxy Nexus version has also been mentioned.

If you’re keen to try out this amazing feature, check out the Paranoid Android Google+ post here.

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