An update has been released for the Pebble Smartwatch which includes a new developer toolkit. This means that Pebble apps will be able to fully communicate with paired iOS and Android apps. This means that if a developer makes a phone app with a paired Pebble app, the user will be able to control phone functions from the watch.

Though no apps will be releasing right away to support the new features Pebble owners will have to wait some time for a big app release. Additionally though Pebble is releasing a streamlined version of the toolkit for fitness apps which will improve development for fitness apps. All the updates to the toolkits are being put in place to make the workflow for developers easier.

First releasing back in April, the toolkit has seen about 5,000 apps developed and 300,000 installed. With the latest updates to the toolkits, apps for Pebble should get a lot more functions from here on out.

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