Pixel Press

Pixel Press

Kickstarter has a habit of being a resting ground for some truly outstanding projects and today that one is Pixel Press.

Pixel Press is an mobile app that allows the user to draw out there own levels, design them and then publish them without the need for code. The creator behind the project Robin Rath is pushing to bring the app to a wide platform and ensure that it’s accessible for users of all ages.

Asking for a total funding of $100,000 to bring the project into final development, the exacting news is that the stretch goal of only $125,000 is in place for Android. This is having been lowed from $350,000.

“Initially, the cost of developing Pixel Press for a much broader platform was our rationale for the higher price point, but after an outpouring of Pixel Press enthusiasm from Android users, it became clear that this was an investment worth making. We want to make Android a big part of the Pixel Press story and we need your help to make it happen.” Robin Rath.

Pixel Press has been gaining support like a spending wild fire and is looking very promising. If you want to learn more, back the project or just take a moment to appreciate Robin’s work, head over to their Kickstarter page.

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