Remote-PlayThe title does rather speak for itself here but it is widely reported that Sony is looking to have remote play on all PS4 games to allow them to be played via streaming on your PS Vita. This was first brought into the world of the Vita finally (legally) with Ico/Shadow of the Colossus HD edition and it has slowly started to seep into other Sony first party titles currently available. However obviously not fast enough for Sony and its ailing super powered handheld.

As the Vita still struggles,  making it able to play most if not indeed all PS4 games remotely using the same style system as the Off-TV play of the WiiU will likely help its sales. This is done by compressing the video from the PS4 and sending it to the Vita while at almsot the same time sending the control inputs back to the PS4. None of the actual software will be running on the Vita as it basically becomes a remote screen so the power of the Vita does not really come into it.

However does this mean that Sony is almost giving up on the Vita software market? I’ve owned once since its release day until just over a week ago and besides the launch week there were very little releases that anyone would actually want to buy. The arrival of PS+ to the Vita library was a welcome addition but that didn’t cure the problem it only placed a bandage over it. And with the only big release that has captured the Vita fanbase recently being Persona 4 is it already at its death knell?

Killzone Guerilla is on its way luckily for the Vita which will help nudge the Sony shooters to its side after the abject failure of Resistance: Burning Skies and Call of Duty: Declassified but with the possibility of Killzone 4 streamed on Vita its uptake and lasting appeal may be hurt. Is it enough? In my opinion no it isn’t. Maybe Sony is taking the best route and actually turning the Vita into a Premium game streaming system for its PS4 which is currently winning more fans than any competitors. So we might not get any more Vita only games, being able to play Infamous: Second Sun on the Vita while the family watches Britain’s Got Talent is a bonus within itself.

What do you think? Would you be sad to see the Vita no longer being developed for or would it be better served as a streaming device. Should Sony even consider making a PS4 and Vita bundle to get sales of both consoles flying skyward and give everyone the full benefit of both systems in their ownership?

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