Smash Cops Heat

Smash Cops HeatHave you ever felt the desire to be in a high speed pursuit of a bad guy with news helicopters hot on your tail hoping to get the scoop on what’s going down? Well with Smash Cops Heat you can do just that!

Smash Cops Heat for Android is a fantastic little high speed chase game. You play as what I can only assume is a miniature version of yourself inside one of several different police cruisers completing various different missions such as high speed pursuits, responding rapidly to emergency calls, collecting evidence as quickly as possible, and smashing into suspect vehicles in order to make arrests. You do all of this whilst looking out for donuts which have been hidden around the map.

As soon as you open up this game you’re met with some bad ass 70s/80s cop drama music which sets the mood immediately.

Smash Cops Heat

You begin with a rather boring patrol car and begin the first two training missions to show you how to control the car. This is where the game is completely different to any other car racing/chasing game. You’d probably expect to have simple tilt controls or the option to change it to tap controls, not in this game! You’ve got two options to control your car, the first and default option is to basically steer the car from the back end pushing the car around corners. It sounds a little strange and to be quite honest it is and at the same time it’s ridiculously awkward to control. The second control option is the standard on screen joypad where you push up to go and left and right to turn – it’s still not quite right though as you’ll soon find out once you jump into a game.

The way this game plays out is something else that has impressed me. Something you never seem to wonder about racing games is how in reality does the camera follow the car you’re racing? This game answers that question by making it feel like you’re the camera man in a news helicopter. This is also backed up by the “Live” overlay in the top right corner of the screen and the faint clapping of helicopter blades in the background. This however doesn’t help with the games controls, you’ll often find yourself over adjusting the steering because of the camera angle making it pretty annoying when you’re trying to take down a criminal before they get away.

Smash Cops HeatAt the end of each mission you’re awarded stars depending on several factors such as damage received, time taken, suspects arrested, and cop wrecks. These stars then factor into the rest of the game with each set of three missions needing a certain amount of stars to unlock this is also the same with each police car. This then gives you the option to revisit older missions once you unlock other cop cars making chases and response times a lot quicker.

So I’ve spoken about the games hit or miss controls, what about the overall game play itself? Well its actually really really fun. It has a very early GTA feel to it and the city that you’ve been let loose in is very well built with various shortcuts available to the keen eyed player. Each mission is different too with some being suspect chases and others being response call missions. The response call missions seem fairly simple, you’re required to follow a set of checkpoints to get to an end zone as quick as possible. Sounds easy right? It’s not. You’re lulled into a false sense of security for a few checkpoints with only traffic to deal with, after a while you’re then repeatedly rear ended by ‘suspects’ who are content on making things difficult. At first I understood why I was the victim, I was transporting a prisoner and I assumed they were trying to break them free, but when I was responding to a simple reported yacht theft I felt it was a little unnecessary.

Smash Cops HeatFor suspect chases you’re required to ram their car until they end up as a crippled singed mess. You can do this buy driving into the suspect repeatedly or if you’re quick enough you could execute a perfect ‘Suspect Smash’. To do this you have the option to tap a ‘ram’ button. It’s fairly obvious what that button does but it’s only really effective if you do it at the right time in the right place. If done so you get a very satisfying slow-mo and the suspect car goes twisting through the air like a rugby ball.

The only down side to ramming a suspect is that you have to wait a few seconds for it to recharge. This problem can be solved however with something called an Instaram. These are premium moves that you only have a limited amount of which moves me perfectly onto the more premium content of Smash Cops Heat.

Smash Cops HeatLike with most free games today there’s always some sort of premium content which helps you succeed much quicker than you would without using them. Sometimes said games give you a few of these premium features to try out before you really get to understand the game and how they can benefit the more difficult the game becomes. Smash Cops Heat has two main premium features, the Instaram feature and the Super Cop feature. The Super Cop feature gives the players car around 10 seconds of invulnerability and improved speed perfect for when you’re the victim of a surprise attack from someone not wanting you to respond to a hold up at a diner..

Once you run out of Instarams or Super Cop power ups you can purchase more but these are just a few of the in app purchases you can make. If you feel like renting a high performance Formula 1 car for 5 missions you can for under a pound. There’s also a few cosmetic in app purchases you can buy if you feel like it too, such as paint jobs for your fleet of cars.

I also briefly mentioned donuts earlier. These are a little similar to the secret packages you can find in Grand Theft Auto. Hidden around each mission are three donuts, I don’t really see the advantage of collecting all of the donut pieces, but for those who are into completing a mission to it’s fullest there’s the option to do that as well. If you’re totally stumped as to where the donuts are, you can purchase a donut radar within the games store.

Overall Smash Cops Heat is a childhood dream in your pocket. You can open the game up and instantly throw yourself into the action of a real life cop! The design of the game is incredible for what feels like a simple game. At 149MB the game is fairly easy on storage too with no added downloads needed once you open the game which was a surprise. Though the game is littered with in app purchases you can quite comfortably play the game without being swamped with requests to purchase Instarams. The only time you’ll see a dialogue to do so is if you’re a bit tap happy with the ram button and don’t have any Instarams to execute.

You can download this game now on Google play and the iTunes App store for free!

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