Soul Fjord

Soul FjordDeveloper of Quantum Cunundrum, Airtight Games is bringing it’s next title exclusively to the OUYA console.

Soul Fjord is said to be a mashup of Norse mythology and 70s funk music. The above video explains a little bit about the game and what it is and talks a bit about the ideas within. All we know for sure at the moment however is that Soul Fjord will be a dungeon crawler with randomly generated areas. Combat isn’t really shown so it’s hard to give a view on that just yet.

OUYA is set for a release in just over a month and it’s scary to think just how big the line up of titles will be hitting the console. Though Soul Fjord looks like a great title, I’m still not really sold on OUYA just yet.

[Source: Game Informer]
[Video Source: IGN]

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