Special Forces: Team X

Special Forces: Team XLast night Microprose, together with publisher Atari, Inc., announced that their cover based third person tactical shooter, Special Forces: Team X will be going on sale this week for a low price of £3.99. What’s better is that at the end of the exceptional sale the game will be listed at a new low price of £7.99!

For those of you yet to try Special Forces: Team X check out our review.

Special Forces: Team X or STX for short launched in February on both Steam and Xbox Live Arcade and is one of the best third person shooters I’ve played in a while. It doesn’t take things too seriously and it puts fun and humour back into online shooters.

Since it’s release on Steam, Microprose have sussed out and eliminated several bugs in the game as well as tweaking certain aspect of gameplay to deliver a much better gaming experience. The Xbox Live version hasn’t been left out either with a huge Title Update on the way that’s currently in the final stages of testing before release.

Also on Steam, multiple Steam community groups have set up to support the game offering regular events, competitions and a ready roster of comrades to do battle with. These groups include SFTXEvents, Special-Forces-Team-X and SFTXPG.
Download Special Forces: Team X here. – The sale begins at around 6pm GMT.

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