SquidgripSquidGrip the makers of the  customisable controller grips for Xbox 360 and various PlayStation consoles announced via a tweet in the early hours of Tuesday morning that the comfortable, sweat free anti-microbial stick on grips will now be available on Limexb360 priced at £12.95.

SquidGrip are popular for their ‘hardly there’ feel, the grips don’t effect the overall feel of your controller.  SquidGrip claim that no other product solves the sweaty hand problem and improves grip and comfort like their grips, this is something I’d like to try our with my clammy paws!

The grips are latex free and fit all standard Microsoft Xbox360 and Sony PS2 and PS3 controllers – wired or wireless.

If you’re still curious check out the video to see a hands on with one of the grips.

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