Steam trading cards

Steam trading cardsYesterday Valve released an update for the Steam community and announced a new game. Disappointingly enough, it wasn’t a new Half Life – but it is something that might work for everyone. Say hello to Steam Trading Cards.

Players will be able to pick up and find these cards by means of playing games that are supported. From here the virtual cards can be used to build sets and redeem rewards. This rewards include game badges, profile background, emoticons, game coupons and much more. On top of this you can collect and earn XP to help you boost your Steam level which is an excellent feature. You’ll even be able to ‘show off’ your profile to others. Nice.

Additionally, the Steam community profiles will be getting an update to support the trading cards and new features. A much needed visual update if you ask me. One way to look at this new game is that they are achievements – only this time they’re particularly worth getting. The current supported games are Don’t Starve, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Team Fortress 2, Portal 2 and Half-Life 2. It will surely only be a matter of time until more titles join the list.

For more information check out the update page and to get in on the action now make sure to join the beta group.

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