This weekend only, if you’ve got Steam and you’ve got a reasonable PC then I ask, nay I implore, nay I order you! Get to Steam and check the weekend deals. Remedy’s critically acclaimed and much loved Alan Wake along with its not-a-sequel-sequel American Nightmare and the collectors edition special content is £3.10. £3.10!!! That’s almost a full pound less than the amount it will cost you to buy the 4 cans of energy drink you need to stay awake during the long lonely nights praying to Gabe to bring along Half Life 3.

It’s less than a pair of socks. Less than the price of a DLC pack in Dead Space 3 that will obviously give you parts for your weapon you already have. Less than the two microwaveable burgers I have to buy because one is just never enough. Less tha…. you get the idea?

Alan Wake had an unusually long development cycle even for this current generation nudging into 5 years but the writing and art style combined with the subtle attention to detail shows you it was worth it. It throws in titbits of Hitchcock’s influence, smatterings of The Twilight Zone and a small but tasty dollop of Norse Mythology into a dark, moody bag and gives you a flash light and a gun.

If I haven’t made my point by now then I’ll try one last time. It’s utterly dirt cheap this weekend. You’ll not see another offer like this until at the earliest the Steam Summer sales. Its a great game especially when you factor in that prize. And most importantly, you’re getting two current gen highly praised games for less than the bus fare to go pick up a current gen full priced game from a store.

If you’re still reading this then you should be on Steam. Unless you already have Alan Wake in which case did you enjoy it and should other people pick it up? Tell me and the rest of the team what you think in the comments below!

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