The statue for Liberty
The statue for Liberty

So you might have guessed why I’m writing this article at this specific time. It could have something to do with Superman returning the big screen and what is hinted as being the start of the Justice League film continuity. It might have something to do with the initial good things people are hearing about the production so far. Or maybe it has something to do with it being the 75th anniversary of the character?

Despite all the seemingly positive points made above it could be about the fact that I’m just a little tired of people’s unjust jests and complaints about the blue boyscout.

How people write off the hard work of writers like Grant Morrison who try to defend him by explaining Superman has problems like everyone else, it’s just on a bigger scale. Like if he needs to walk the dog, it’s around the solar system.

Some of the most common misconceptions about the character  are as a follows:

He’s overpowered – That’s untrue, there are many characters just as strong or more powerful then him. Examples include Doomsday and Mogo.

Kryptonite is his only weakness and is the only one thing which can beat him – Wrong again. Superman is not immune to magic or a red sun, but these affect his powers. Small amounts of Kryptonite don’t affect him. It’s theorised in the future that he could build an immunity to it.

He’s boring he never does anything interesting – OK this one is really up to your own personal opinion, but he did create one of the most iconic 90s stories; The Death of Superman. Or when writers lashed out against the rise of the 90s anti-hero as it saw the man of steel against a set of morally corrupt heroes and looked out how Superman may be outdated but his methods are tried and tested.

So far I’ve likely not to have convinced many people. So how about a I offer a way so you can fairly judge it?

The issue is, in my opinion that too many people are used to the films and the brief cameos he’s made in the Batman universe. Just pick up a Superman comic. Don’t pick up one from a big story arc, it has to be a bog standard issue, one were he’s being cloned or something big is happening. Then you’ll understand if you like the character or not.

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