BlackBerry Q5

BBQ5Yesterday at the huge BlackBerry event in Florida they announced the brand new BlackBerry Q5 a “Youthful and Fun” QWERTY handset with BlackBerry 10. Available in a variety of colours the BlackBerry Q5 is aimed at selected markets.

“The BlackBerry Q5 gives you the best of everything with its cutting-edge BlackBerry 10 functionality and a physical QWERTY keyboard. It is for youthful fans that are passionate, confident and bold, and it makes it easy for them to have fun, create, share and stay connected.” said Thorsten Heins, President and CEO of BlackBerry.

The Q5 is a brand new mid-range handset aimed at emerging markets, a perfect handset for those still used to feature phones or for those who want a smartphone experience at a cheaper price. Scheduled to launch in Europe, Middle East, Africa,  Asia (including the Asia Pacific region), and Latin America by around July. The phone comes in a variety of colours such as the classic Black and White, as well as more funky Red, and Pink versions.

The phone itself comes with the same Qualcomm S4 processor that the Q10 and Z10 have which is great, there’s 2GB of RAM on board which is a lot for a handset being aimed at more emerging markets. The only downside is that the processor is only clocked at 1.2GHz cutting down the processing speed by around 0.3GHz..

The handset comes with 8GB internal memory with support for a MicroSD card up to 32GB. The only real difference between this handset an the Q10 is the screen it’s the same resolution as the Q10 but this device has a more cost effective LCD display rather than a Super AMOLED display.

The handsets feature everything you’d expect from BlackBerry 10 such as BBM Video with Screen Share, the BlackBerry Hub, and the large library of BB apps from the BlackBerry App World.

We’re unsure on a price just yet, but we’re hoping that it’ll be around the £300 mark, and probably free on a £15-£25 contract. More on that when we know!

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