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first gen iphone

According to what is to believed to be an internal Apple communication has stated that the first iPhone is to become classed as ‘vintage’ in the US and ‘obsolete’ in the rest of the world by June 11 this year. What does this mean for those that cling onto their first generation iPhone?

According to the report, Apple no longer offers servicing, parts, or repairs to devices that it considers obsolete. In the US however the vintage classification means that parts will still be available for around two years but this is only valid to those who purchased their iPhone in California.

This doesn’t mean that your first gen iPhone wont be able to be repaired if it does go wrong, you can still take it to independent service centres but due to the discontinuing of parts repair centres might struggle to repair your device.

I find it hard to imagine someone regularly using a first generation iPhone but if you do, I’d consider upgrading to the 3G or 3GS if you’re not too into the latest technology..

[Source: Sky News]

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