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The Indie FixWelcome back to The Indie Fix,  a weekly column in which we spotlight the latest and greatest in Indie gaming, and titles, which we feel, deserve the recognition. This week we’re taking a look at the terrifying System Shock 2! 

For years the System Shock titles have been considered revolutionary in terms of it’s atmosphere, game mechanics and general design. I’d even go as far as to say this is one of the true predecessors to the Bioshock franchise, well, System Shock is designed by Ken Levine after all and the influences are pretty clear. Hell, you can even google it, and the Bioshock franchise is considered the spiritual successor to System Shock.System Shock 2 box art

Those of you who are not aware of System Shock 2 in particular, it blends together Action RPG mechanics, with Survival Horror gameplay. Set aboard a space ship in a cyberpunk universe. You take upon the role of a lone soldier who is tasked with investigating an outbreak of a genetic infection.

The game is played in the first-person perspective, exploration is encouraged and also incorporates RPG elements such as developing unique skills, for example, hacking or psychic abilities.

In terms of design, System Shock 2, shows this off incredibly well. Considered to be ahead of its time in this area, even today the style of the game is still very unique.

Playing through the game itself, it provides a terrifying atmosphere and very interesting gameplay. The fact that exploration is encouraged, makes you actively appreciate the games design. The hybrid gameplay mechanics as well, offer goals to work towards, and the advent of skills within the game up the ante more and more as you progress through System Shock 2.

System Shock 2 screenIt’s been many years since System Shock 2 has been commercially released. With it being the highest requested title over at, it was inevitable that it was going to be released again. This glorified ‘Collectors Edition’ is fully optimised for present systems and features a whole host of goodies and a fully moddable version of System Shock 2.

You can pick up System Shock 2 from for a incredibly low price!

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