Magic avengers imageSo last week I bought my fantasy team of robotic Avengers. This week since Marvel haven’t tried to sue me (yet) I’m going to bring you the complete opposite in the form of The Magic Avengers.

That’s right here’s my fantasy line up of magical themed characters to combat a threat one hero can’t withstand alone and if magical Marvel magician Dr Strange is busy.

Sakura from Cardcaptors: Cardcaptors was the definition of ‘rush home from school and watch’ cartoon. An anime and manga franchise which falls on the genre of magical girl, a genre about girls endowed with magic. Sakura can be the naive member of the team and can be a jumping on point for readers. Her powers which hails from the use of a variety of magic cards makes her the Green Lantern of this crew.

Gandalf: It would be a crime not to include him. Here we have Captain America and Optimus Prime wearing a wizard hat. A natural leader with an eccentric twist which makes every play he has a little harder to predict.

Remus Lupin: It would have been to far to cliché’ to include Harry Potter on this team, besides there are plenty of other interesting characters in the Potterverse. Lupin is easily the Hulk of the team, his werewolf abilities will come in handy for when the team needs brute strength.

Dark Magician: The back bone of Yugi’s deck from anime Yu-Gi-Oh! I just always wanted to see the story behind some of these characters and Dark Magicians surly silence has just made me curious, what makes him so dark ? Could he be the badass of team ?

Dark Magician girl: Maybe after a while she could get a better more practical costume from style conscious Sakura. Her and her male counterpart could be the cute couple of the team and maybe if theirs two of them we could get an insight into the mystery.

Alfred Borden from the Prestige: I think every superhero team benefits from having a non-powered member of the team. From Batman to Hawkeye, it gives an unsight into how vital the human spirit is in team work. Portrayed by Christan Bale (maybe this will be the only superhero team he’s on ?) Alfred is an illusionist. His gadegtry would could come in handy in case the teams powers are blocked.

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