TEK - HavokOnline gaming is all the rage nowadays, even games that shouldn’t really have a multiplayer mode do. I’m looking at you Tomb Raider.. It’s about time that we stopped looking at our TV’s and got out into the real world. To play with toy guns of course!

Tek Recon have just launched a KickStarter campaign for their new range of Tek Recon Blasters that come complete with an app to bring “Real-Life Online Gaming” which hopes to enhance blaster battles.

The Tek Recon blasters come complete with real trigger action and these blasters don’t fire your standard dart ammo, they fire a new time of ammunition called “NRG Rounds” that can blast up to 75 feet!

Now as much as I’d like to rave about the actual gun itself, I mean who wouldn’t? It looks awesome! I should really talk about what makes the Tek Recon Blasters fit in with n3rdabl3. It’s the free app for Android and iOS which catches my eye the most.

Havok_OSThe free Tek Recon App will be available for iOS and Android devices, enhancing real battle experience through an interactive heads up display, live chat, vision modes, and more. All you need to do is place your phone into the secure slot on top of the rifle, open up the app, and there you have it, a totally awesome holographic site with different view modes, and an interactive HUD!

The app also involves various aspects of online play such as the ability to create your own profile, a live chat, ammo counter, the ability to view where your team mates are as well a an armoury filled with different reticles and view modes.

You’re probably wondering how you can play popular online game modes such as Capture the Flag in real life, who’s keeping score? Well it’s all done through the iOS and Android apps. Capture the flag for example is played by scanning QR codes which you can find on flag disks this is then updated via the web to let all the other players know on their apps that the flags have been captured and who by.

TEK - HammerHead

The Kickstarter is hoping to raise $50,000 in order to get their blasters out onto the market. As you’d expect with KickStarter there are various rewards such as the blasters themselves, various accessories, and other goodies. For only $25 you can grab yourself the smaller HammerHead Blaster in Metallic Green, with 15pcs NRG Rounds, and the smartphone mount. For onlt $15 more you can grab yourself the larger Havok Blaster in Metallic Green, with 36pcs NRG Rounds, and the smartphone mount. As an added bonus your username will be reserved within the smartphone app.

If you think one gun isn’t enough you can pledge $375 and get the Tek Recon Envoy Pack! Which enables you to outfit 2 teams for a huge battle and receive 10 Battle Packs which includes a total of 20 HammerHead Blasters, 300 NRG Rounds, and 20 exploding targets at a massive discount. Jesus.

If you want to find out more about the Tek Recon Kickstarter, check out their page here.

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