Cell-tower-Aug10Last year a brand new phone network called EE (Everything Everywhere) appeared wielding what they hoped to be the largest 4G network roll out in the UK. Compromised of both Orange and T-Mobile by the start of this year EE had dominated the 4G market with other UK networks fighting over the remaining 4G frequencies in order to offer the same support for existing customers.

At the time it was pretty exciting except we didn’t actually have any phones that used 4G connection. Speed ahead a handful of months and now we’ve achieved a steady rise of 4G network coverage and  handsets which use the 4G connetion. News recently however reports that Samsung is already prepared for 5G connectivity. Korea’s Yonhap News Agency has reported that Samsung has successfully tested its 5G platform achieving speeds of almost 1Gbps almost 10 times the current 4G connection capabilities.

The resource hungry connection apparently needed over 60 antennas in order to achieve the super fast connection but Samsung have said that 5G should be available to customers by 2020.

As someone who’s more than happy to get a HSPA+ connection whilst out and about, 4G connectivity seems more than adequate for what smartphones are actually tasked to do. 5G just seems a little greedy.

It’s far too early to tell how well 5G connectivity will be adopted, but check back in around 7 years to find out more!

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